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Speaking Engagements

Inspiration. Magnificence. Success.

Some of the nation's largest corporations realize that an emotionally healthy workforce means a better bottom line. It pays for your employees to feel inspired, know their worth and create success. 


Cynthia Alice inspires business leaders and employees to realize their magnificence, ensuring success and healthy workplace relations. Practices and new techniques to stay centered and calm also help employers and employees minimize stress and get faster results. Mindfulness exercises, breathing techniques, and self-awareness are keys to a healthy workplace success. 

Cynthia Alice gives Keynote presentations in the public and private sectors, working in various settings. She is often called upon to speak inspirationally to women business leaders and non-profit organizations. 

Cynthia Alice also works with business leaders in creating teamwork, effective communication and workplace harmony through the application of the key new practices of workplace culture. The consistent theme in all of her work is the potential within each person to make a discernible difference in the success and development of an organization. In essence, she helps people find and confidently own their magnificence. The result is that individuals and the business culture create success in every interaction.

Cynthia Alice's keynote speaking and workshops are tailored to meet the needs of each setting. 

  • Intention. Innovation. Motivation

  • Power. Passion. Purpose

  • Dream Big. Live Big

  • Authentic Leadership


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Cynthia Alice is incredibly effective at connecting one-on-one or in large arenas as an inspirational catalyst for bringing our highest visions to life.

Christy Dueck, PhD

Vice President & General Manager, Real World Data & Clinical Research

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In a culture of information overload, Cynthia Alice takes you where few leaders are willing to go.

Rev. Dr. Temple Hayes

Spiritual Leader, Author, Difference Maker

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Cynthia Alice Anderson brings a dynamic, innovative and creative genius with a new understanding of the meaning of diversity and brilliant delivery of her messages.

T.J. Dorsey,

D.D.S., P.A., Founder and Executive Director OMYGA

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From recovery work to forgiveness to life goals, Rev. Cynthia Alice Anderson is the real deal.


I’ve had the distinct privilege of working alongside RCA for many years as her podcast producer, but before that, I was a musician for her music team. Although I’ve done“church gigs” for the entirety of my adult life, I can say, without question, that it was RCA’s heart that made it feel like home. As her podcast producer, it’s been an honor to have a front row seat to see her generously pour into others from a place of genuineness and sincerity.


RCA is smart, funny, tender, but above all authentic.


If you’re looking for a spiritually-minded mentor to help guide you along your own journey – one who both walks the walk AND talks the talk, then don’t hesitate to connect with Cynthia Alice. Your soul will be glad you did!

Dave Kropf,

Composer & Producer

818 Studios

Jan. 28 & 29 - Unity of New York

Saturday workshop for Pledge Campaign

11am worship service.  

For details:

Feb 5 - 12 - Powers: Understanding and Will

Unity North Tampa

Feb. 12 - 12 Powers:  Order and Zeal

Unity North Tampa

Feb 26 - 12 Powers:  A Source of Spiritual Strength

Unity North Tampa

Speaking Engagements

March - 1 - Orlando Center for Spiritual Living

7pm arrival with appetizers and connection, 7:30 start

709 Edgewater Drive, Orlando, FL

March 12 -  The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity

March 19 - The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity

March 26 - The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity

April 2 - The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity

April 9 - EASTER! Your Resurrection Day

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