Rev. Anderson’s PRSPRTY4U collection is designed to help you develop a prosperity consciousness.



PRSPRTY 4U is a 30 day series designed for individuals and churches to develop a prosperity consciousness. It is a 4-week course that will be in a class setting or can be completed as a self-study on prosperity. Daily readings are included to support your consciousness shift. 

The principles contained in this book create a life of more God, more love and more money than ever before.  Your in-depth participation is required for the program to work. Commit to it, trust the process and allow God to teach you. Allow your soul to grow!


Inspirational Cards

Manifest God’s blessings in your life meditating daily on Rev. Cynthia Alice Anderson’s messages of prosperity. Cynthia Alice presents a set of 60 cards designed to inspire your soul’s growth every day. Stay in the flow of life as you focus on God’s abundance and prosperity consciousness.


Meditations and affirmations for PRSPRTY4U

Designed to accompany the PRSPRTY4U book, these meditations and affirmations will support your soul’s growth and manifest God’s blessings in your life. Music and Narration by Shannon Kropf. Words and text by Reverend Cynthia Alice Anderson and Shannon Kropf.

Track Listing

1) Welcome to Prsprty 4U

2) Forest Walk

3) Four Trees ( Dottie's Song)

5) Affirmations for Giving Away

6) A Quiet Talk

7) Affirmations for Gratitude

8) A Great Cloud of Witness

9) Affirmations for Connection

10) Thank You