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Schedule a single session with Cynthia Alice Anderson. 

1 hour session - $250


Offices in Orlando and Tampa

Looking for classes or retreats?

Books and Meditations available for purchase.


Coaching with Cynthia Alice is supportive. It is confrontative. It is holistic and, yes, at times… challenging.

Cynthia Alice believes that when we challenge our own thought process, we dig deep and find the more expansive journey ahead of us. Touching into this deeper personal awareness, work and life relationships get infinitely better - with more peace and joy and often with more financial abundance! And if you find yourself in transition from a work-related situation or relationally, she will help you not only survive the transition but thrive and advance your own process through it.

Cynthia Alice coaches individuals from all walks of life and has helped professionals in some of the country’s largest corporations. She has helped company presidents, CEO’s, and managers find more satisfaction from their roles in the corporate sector and given them the tools to achieve growth in their careers.

Cynthia Alice also regularly works with actors and actresses to heal and transform their lives. The creative process of transformation is particularly suited to the creative psyche and her clients are successful, confident and centered for their auditions and TV performances as a result of the inner work that Cynthia Alice guides.

No matter what led you to Cynthia Alice, working with her, you will discover new ideas about yourself and all the things you can accomplish.

You have a grand vision of life. Let's find it.

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Whether it's from taking her "Dream Big. Live Big." course or taking her life coaching course, working with the Reverend Cynthia Alice Anderson has made a real difference in my life and the way I approach my career. As a professional actress, I have created many limiting beliefs that keep me stuck and battling imposter syndrome and scarcity thoughts. But with Cynthia Alice's guidance, she has challenged me to become more self-aware so that I am able to move past my blockages and have a more inspired career. Cynthia Alice has given me tools that help me move forward; tools like journaling, praying, doing self-inquiry, affirmations, goal setting, meditating, and breath work. The road isn't always easy, but doing the hard work is worth it. If you don't know what to do next in your career, or if you want help releasing fears, consider working with Cynthia Alice. The work you do together will surely be transformative and allow you to live a more authentic and joyful life.

Victoria Cartagena


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Cynthia Alice was exquisitely knowledgeable, I wholeheartedly endorse her work, and I am in awe of her brilliance.

Jacqueline Freeman

Author SONG OF INCREASE: Listening to the Wisdom of Honeybees for Kinder Beekeeping and a Better World

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I was a first responder during the Pulse massacre.  It was the hardest experience of my life.  I could never have given the empathy and compassionate leadership I was called upon to without Cynthia Alice Anderson.

Patty Sheehan


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Creative, curious, bold and brilliant, Cynthia Alice is on fire with joy, love and profound wisdom.

Rev Edwene Gaines
Author. Prosperity Teacher. Inspirational Speaker

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Cynthia Alice inspired me and countless others through her authentic leadership. 

Dr. Michelle Robin

Chief Wellness Officer, SCBS Chairman

Evangelist of Quadrants of Wellbeing, National Speaker, Podcast Host

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