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The Journey to Self Care

It was many years ago that I first heard the term, "self-care". It was in the beginning of my therapeutic journey where I was learning about feelings, emotional intelligence and taking responsibility for my life.

The beginning was something like this: Every morning, noon and night I would ask myself, "HOW DO I FEEL?" At first I had no idea how to answer that question. I thought...

• I feel hot

• I feel tired

• I feel...sad?

Sometimes, listening to the body first can help you get to the deeper emotions. I discovered the importance of this to take care of my body, myself and my needs. Knowing my feelings was also extremely helpful so I could make better life-giving decisions. I wasn't fully aware in the beginning but my newfound emotional awareness was also helping me listen to the soul.

I have been in this practice for over 25 years and have learned so much since then, and yet I still come back to this basic practice. It has illumined for me recently, the need to have some time to rest, connect and have some alone time. I will stop. I will listen to the soul, and when ready prepare for my next steps.

I thank you for your support in this! While I am taking the month away, know you will be in my thoughts and prayers as you continue your journey forward.

And, you will be receiving news, updates and information about the many course offerings that begin anew the first week in May.

Also, for your convenience, I have attached the hand-out on the feeling check-in that I use for my life and clients. You can download it by clicking or tapping on the button below:

Feeling Check-In

And when you do your check-in, please keep it simple. The feelings words I use to check-in are:


• Pain

• Sad

• Lonely

• Shame

• Guilt

• Fear

• Anger

Blessings on the journey!

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