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The Sacred Nature of Rest Looking up at blue skies, feeling the energy of being outside. Oh yes! Have you spent time outside lately? Have you ever allowed yourself to be free and just rested? I don't mean having a phone or TV on. I don't mean watching a movie with a pizza or bag of chips. I mean...being still. Resting. Allowing the mind and soul to be free. I think we mostly think of rest in the evening, but I am talking about taking time to rest during the day and in the evening.

When I am resting, I love to go to one of my favorite lakes, rivers or streams and dangle my feet in...and if i feel like, I will look for a favorite rock or watch the bugs dance on the water (in Georgia we always called these "Jesus bugs"...ha ha...), or simply be outside in the grass or on the beach barefoot. This is a great feeling...

Even at night, I have come to realize that most of us are plugged in right up until the moment we fall asleep. That is not healthy nor is it freeing. So if this is a habit for you, you may want to try simply being...and take in some deep breaths as your mind and body relaxes. You will be amazed just how peaceful good sleep can be.

I hope you bring back the sacred nature of rest...during the day and your soul journey continues.

#Rest #SoulWork #SoulJourney #Unplug

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