PRSPRTY4U Meditations


Relax Release Forgive


Designed to accompany the PRSPRTY4U book, these meditations and affirmations will support your soul’s growth and manifest God’s blessings in your life. Music and Narration by Shannon Kropf. Words and text by Reverend Cynthia Alice Anderson and Shannon Kropf.


Guided meditations and visualizations. Spoken by Rev. C. Alice Anderson played by Eric Brook on piano. Relax Release Forgive is a collection of guided visualizations to support the growth and evolution of your soul. Each track will take you on a spiritual journey to move you forward into your highest self, so you can begin to radiate this reality in everyday life. Daily practice will free your mind from the past so you can become in touch with the joys of the present moment. The CD includes relaxing piano music with guided visualization and meditation.



I AM will support your journey as you learn to meditate. Each meditation is different in length and progressive in nature as you begin to broaden your experience of silent meditation and contemplation. Each track is a different “I Am” to increase relaxation and meditation time.

Cutting Cords




This meditation will help you in releasing toxic energies from your life. This guided visualization leads you on a journey as you release the old and refill with new and vibrant God energy.


Purpose is about discovering your life’s purpose and then receiving Divine guidance on your spiritual journey through a guided visualization process. Your purpose is ultimately already known to you. This dynamic message and deep visualization will support your ”re-membering” and living this purpose in the world.