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Discover Your Greatest Self

Personalized sessions to meet your individual needs. I help you identify and release what's holding you back and give you tools to manifest goodness in all areas of your life!


Along the way you picked up some erroneous ideas about yourself and your worth.  You are more than you think.   These 3-day, weekend retreats will help unlock the blocks and break through the glass ceiling in life. You will be able to love, live and be more at the conclusion.

A time of soul mending

For Your Church

Workshops, classes, and coaching developed specifically for ministers, therapists, and healers. You give so much of yourself. It’s time to have access to your own support.

Experience of the Soul

Podcast Channel

Join Cynthia Alice for spiritual conversations, meditations, and affirmations. Experience what it is like to reunite with your true self. 

Cynthia Alice’s Video Library

YouTube Channel

A selection of videos designed to change your world and the world around you through thought-provoking topics and discussions.

Your Soul Tribe


Cynthia Alice brings to light a series of subject matters and conversation starters to guide you through your own spiritual work.

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