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Dream Big. Live Big.


January 9th - February 6th 

BASICS COURSE - 5 Week Course


Time 7-8pm


What to Expect: 

It doesn't matter if you are a new spiritual seeker or have maintained a spiritual practice for 30 years. This 5-week course (60 minutes online every week) will support your individual spiritual journey through the practical, daily application of the materials provided during our time together. 


You Will:

Break through the glass ceiling of your life. 

Transform old life patterns and beliefs. 

Establish new ways of thinking. 

Manifest what you need in 2023 and beyond.


What You'll Get: 

Tools & techniques to change limiting beliefs. 

Emails & affirmations to support your inner work. 

Practices to accelerate the manifestation of your dreams. 

Support network of like-minded individuals.

Access to archives of each class to view at your leisure.

March 6th - March 20th


Cost: $300 | Time 7-8:30 pm

Dream Big. Live Big. Advanced will give you the tools and guidance to dig deep while becoming more expansive in how you view yourself and your vision and goals.

There are 3 packed weeks of instruction that will include:


Week 1: Dreams & Your Divine DNA 

Week 2: Vision, Goals, Visualization and Practice

Week 3: Affirmations and Intentions


Accountability is an important aspect of this work. 

January 5th to March 9th OR April 6th – June 8th

MASTERMIND GROUP - 10 Week Advisory Group

Cost: $250 | Time 8-9 pm

The MASTERMIND group serves as a kind of peer advisory group to enhance, encourage and develop ideas of other members of the group.

Each session includes: 

~DreamBig MasterMind Process 

~Sharing individual goals 

~Radical support for big ideas


What to Expect

~100% accountability for individual and group process 

~Space of safety & unconditional love 

~Honesty, respect, compassion


This is a focused, passionate group working together to accomplish their greatest dreams.

From a former student:

“Working with Cynthia Alice in this course has changed my life —

and I am living my dreams!”

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