The 12 Powers in You: Purpose and Spiritual Application

The 12 Powers are innate abilities that we all have. They can be activated through different areas, or centers, in our physical body. Unity co-founder Charles Fillmore also related them to Jesus’ twelve disciples, and when these twelve powers are awakened, we are connected to our Christ-Self.

The 12 Powers are:

  • Understanding

  • Will

  • Order

  • Zeal

  • Renunciation

  • Life

  • Faith

  • Strength

  • Wisdom

  • Love

  • Power

  • Imagination


7 Spiritual Laws of Release

These principles are designed to support your soul in its growth and evolution. As a soul, you are here to bring about more of God’s good into your life and world. You have the power to move energy to make room for good.

These principles are based upon the very prosperity teachings of Jesus himself. In our denomination, Unity, we believe in the teachings of Christianity and seek to understand the principles behind the life and teachings of Jesus and the miraculous things he was able to do.

These 7 principles — the Law of Giving, the Law of Service, the Law of Minimization, the Law of Letting Go, the Law of Forgiveness, the Law of Surender, and Law Law of Silence — will teach you to do this very thing by applying the numerous prosperity principles Jesus himself practiced. They are at times hidden in the scriptures at first glance, but after prayer, study and application, these teachings become obvious as a way to prosperous living.



PRSPRTY 4U is a 30-day series designed for individuals and churches to develop a prosperity consciousness.  It is a 4-week course that will be in a class setting or can be completed as a self-study on prosperity. Daily readings are included to support your consciousness shift.

The principles contained in this book create a life of more God, more love and more money than ever before.  Your in-depth participation is required for the program to work. Commit to it, trust the process and allow God to teach you.  Allow your soul to grow!


A Grateful Life: 30 Days of Conscious Gratitude

A Grateful Life: 30 Days of Conscious Gratitude is a tool to be used as you move forward on your spiritual journey. It is to serve as a reminder that all good gifts are from God and as we focus on this good, it expands.

Take time each day to pause and reflect on the day’s lesson. Breathe deeply. Light a candle. Say a prayer. Create a sacred ritual around your time of gratitude. Remember that God’s will for you is good!

My prayer for you this season is that you will know God’s abundance and begin to share it with all you meet.