From Addiction to Recovery

I remember a time when I learned about addiction. I thought it was only about addiction to alcohol but in fact, you can be addicted to almost anything!

Addictions are anything that keep us coming back to a particular thing, activity or substance and cause us to check out of reality. There are many things this applies to:

  • Work addiction

  • Busy-ness addiction

  • Devices or cellphone addiction

  • Facebook or Social media addiction

  • Religious addiction

  • Alcohol or drug addiction

  • Food addiction

  • Sex addiction

  • Gaming addiction

  • Addiction to approval

  • Addiction to being right

  • Addiction to being wrong

  • Addiction to interrupting even!!!

Isn't this shocking? All of these are ways we check-out of what's happening so we don't have to feel our emotions. In fact, that is what started the addiction in the first place.

Whatever was happening in our lives was too much for us, or we thought it was, and checked out of reality by choosing a behavior or substance to "feel better." This emotional check out was a coping strategy to survive.

In the beginning of these coping strategies we feel better because we no longer feel emotional pain. The use of substance or behavior continues and gets more and more often and we find it is harming our relationships.

This harm is caused as the addiction gets more and more of our attention and we become consumed with that and only that! Sounds terrible, right? So let's heal this together!

What we strive to do as a spiritual community is move out of our harmful addictions, whatever they may be and begin to get honest, tell the truth to ourselves and the people we love.

We believe in support groups and sponsorship. We believe it is possible to heal. We also believe that what has to ultimately happen, once the addictive behavior is stopped, is soul work. Then the 
real healing can begin. And this often takes therapeutic work, 12-step programs and a dedicated spiritual practice.

A good friend of mine put it this way, "Once I got sober, I still needed to get a life!" Stopping the addictive behaviors is wonderful and needed but more healing is also necessary for soul healing and inner peace. The best way to this is in and through a direct spiritual experience.

We offer just that at CCU Orlando every Sunday and during classes each week - we hope you will join us!

Services continue this week on this important topic at 9 & 11am.


Blessings and love dear friends!

Rev. Cynthia Alice Anderson
Senior Minister, CCU Orlando

Cynthia Alice Anderson