Wait for the Miracle

Dear Friend,

We so often speak of the soul work here at CCU Orlando and sometimes, it really does feel like work! The good news is, eventually, all the work pays off! When things are not going as we think they should and we are still doing everything 'right' it's easy to get discouraged. Please don't!


There is a Divine timing in all things and it is a mature spiritual soul that can wait for that timing to occur. I learned a phrase years ago in Al-Anon that came back to me today, as I felt a triumph in a particular area of my life:


I have spoken with so many people in the last year who are holding to a high vision for their lives and following that up with goals they are working every single day. This is building a consciousness. And when you continue to work with the ideas in consciousness, you are building a spiritual reality and general feeling tone of your life. This takes time.

Remember that the work in consciousness is invisible but as you work it over and over, it does show up in the outer. You will manifest! Consider this encouragement from your spiritual coach - you can do it! Never give up and wait for the miracle. I have so much faith in you!

Below is a song I play when I need encouragement, and I hope it encourages you as well on the journey. The song is by Carrie Underwood and features rapper, Ludacris and is called "The Champion."

Services this Sunday at 9 & 11am - See you there!

Sunday, Dec. 16 - Humble Thyself
In humility and love,

cynthia alice

Cynthia Alice Anderson